A Quick Word with ESPN’s Hannah Storm

By Mariah Kline
Photo by Kathryn Harrington


Last week, sports powerhouse Hannah Storm paid a visit to the Derby City to serve as the keynote speaker at the They’re Off! Luncheon on April 12. The Voice proudly served as host of the VIP Media Room, where several guests had the chance to meet and pose for photos with Storm. We spent a few minutes with the journalist to learn more about what she’s working on and why she loves Louisville.

Natasha Collins, Hannah Storm and Chris Whelan.

You previously lived in Louisville for a few years. How does it feel to be back here?

“It’s always great to come back here. The city keeps evolving and I’ve seen a bunch of really cool neighborhoods. Last night we ate at Volare and it was phenomenal. I just wish I could stay longer to do a little shopping and go to more of these awesome restaurants.”

You stay very busy and serve in a lot of different roles. What are you currently working on?

“I host SportsCenter on ESPN, so I’m on every Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I also do the NFL play-by-play for Amazon Prime Video. I have a production company, so I produce and direct films and branded content, and I have a foundation. I raise money for surgeries for children who are disfigured by vascular anomalies and birthmarks. And I have three kids!”

How have you navigated raising children and managing your career?

“For me, I really took what stage my family was in and then I worked my life backwards from that. Based on where my family was and everyone’s ages, I basically tailored my work life to that so I could maximize my time with my kids. That’s how I did it rather than letting my work control my life… Now, I have two kids graduating – one from high school and one from college.”

What’s the next project you’re working on?

“I just got re-signed to do football (coverage) again next fall, plus I’m still doing ESPN. Plus, I have a couple of shows in development, and one was just announced. It’s about girls in sports, so I’m really excited about that.”