A Premium Bourbon Batch

Bourbon 30 Spirits’ unique premium label J. Mattingly 1845


By Anna Byerley


J. Mattingly 1845, Bourbon 30 Spirits’ premium label, stands for Jeff Mattingly the owner and crafter of Bourbon 30, and 1845 is the year his family started the second registered distillery in Kentucky. We spoke to Bourbon 30’s Chief Financial Officer, Harry Richart, to learn more about this premium label.

Bourbon 30’s vision was to create something that was limited and exclusive and also to be able to offer a variety of different whiskeys at a really high level and quality. “Essentially, the way it all shakes out is that we’re never going to release more than 300 bottles of it. Occasionally, there may be a single barrel offering or batches of four to seven barrels together,” Richart explained. “So, what we do is, bottle it, give the batch a unique name and put a custom wax on it that looks good with the label that we’ve used and we do these small releases. Some of them go out to distributors in the area or they’ll be exclusively available in our gift shop.”

The tasting notes on each of the releases are all different. However, by large, it’s typically six to eight years old and of castor barrel strength, meaning it’s at least 115-120 proof or higher. “They’re typically going to be nice and sweet up front, maybe butterscotch candy at the front end, and then a nice bit of mid palette spice, leather, tobacco, white and black pepper. Then, it usually has a nice long finish and, of course, a full mouthfeel because this stuff is kind of old. It’s a castor barrel strength so you get that wonderful buttery, velvety type mouth feel,” Richart said.

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J. Mattingly 1845 stands out from other premium labels because of the care Bourbon 30 takes during the crafting stage for the aging process with the barrels.

“We stave the barrels up, meaning we take barrels that are used, break them apart into individual staves, sand them down and then take these individual staves and put a really heavy toast on them, a light char, and drop those into the barrel and let it age a little longer. That’s how we’re going to get some of the more mature flavors,” Richart explained. “That’s really what we try to pride ourselves on, using the barrel as a major tool to influence the flavor profiles of the whiskey per bottle.”

If you’re wondering the best way to enjoy this premium label, Richart commented, “First off, we would say however you want to drink it is alright by us. However, a suggestion would be neat, maybe with a bit of water, or on the rocks.”

To purchase this premium bourbon, it will be available to order off of the Bourbon 30 Spirits website and is also available to purchase off of the shelf for those living anywhere in Kentucky.

For more information about Bourbon 30 Spirits and its premium label, J. Mattingly 1845, visit itsbourbon30.com.

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