A Fearless Leader

Meet Joyce Meyer, a determined and passionate leader at UBS Financial Services Inc.


By Elizabeth Scinta
Photo by Andrea Hutchinson


As the morning sun glistens off the pool, Joyce Meyer, the Senior Vice President-Wealth Management Financial Advisor for UBS Financial Services Inc., sets up her home office, stationed in the pool house, for her team to arrive. “It didn’t look like COVID was going away. So, in order to have an orderly business, I felt like I needed to build an office at home,” explained Meyer. The pool house/home office allowed her to continue working during the most challenging months of the pandemic and is now her principal office.

Meyer’s perseverance and dedication didn’t bubble up during the pandemic but have permanently been embedded in her. She began her journey at Campbell Soup Company as an Account Manager, where she invested in her first 401K as soon as it was introduced for employers to offer their employees. “All of a sudden, I discovered I was more intrigued with investing than working for Campbell Soup. So, I started dreaming that maybe my next career could be about helping others save and setting some goals and plans so that they could retire someday,” says Meyer. 

Upon this realization, it was time for her to pack up and move on, and after a few interviews, she landed the cream of the crop position at Merrill Lynch. There, she began climbing to the top of the financial industry ladder by graduating top of her class (and early!) from the offered training program; simply put, her career began to skyrocket. “I would visit other colleagues’ homes and see how they lived, and I thought if I could just live half as good as they do, I’ll be happy because I love my career, I love investing, and I love helping others,” Meyer explained. “For me, going into the financial service business was like winning the lottery because it never felt like work. They always say find something you really like and make it your passion so it’ll never be work, and that’s what I’ve done.”

After twelve years and all of her success with Merrill Lynch, it was time for Meyer to move on, and in 2008 she landed at UBS. Since starting, she has been named on the Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisors list for 2021 and 2022 and the Forbes Best-In-State Women Advisors list for 2020, 2021 and 2022. “It was a huge deal because it showed my dedication, even during difficult times. Our office had been closed for over two years, so we weren’t allowed to go in, but I continued to redefine my business and meet clients wherever I could. So, we started on the patio over there. Then we moved to the pool as the weather changed. When it rained, we landed on my front porch and low and behold, two and a half years later, I have this amazing pool house and office,” Meyer beamed. 

She’s not only a force to be reckoned with in the financial industry, but she’s charitable and dedicated to helping the younger generation and her team succeed. “She treats all of us like her mentees. She shows us part of the job we might not be aware of or ever do, but it’s good training. She goes above and beyond what other financial advisors would do,” said Vincent Straight, a Client Service Associate at UBS. This close-knit team also spends their time with many different charities by attending charity events, sometimes with clients in tow, and assisting the charity with their allocated resources. This year, the team will focus on four charities: Norton Children’s Hospital, Olmsted Conservancy Parks, University of Louisville School of Music and Kentucky Shakespeare. These four organizations received a life-changing amount of money from one of Meyer’s clients that recently passed away. 

Aside from her team, She recently launched her internship program with Jeffersonville High School, Charlestown School and New Washington School. Adorned in red blazers with the UBS logo, the ambassador students join Meyer at events, tours of businesses and seminars to grow their understanding and connections in the business world. As a recent graduate and newly employed, I asked what advice she would give young women beginning their first career, and she offered: “Find someone that you click with, shadow them and let them be a mentor to you. Start scheduling interviews and appointments with people you admire and are doing what you want to do.” I leave you with these lyrics from “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton, conquer the world today.

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