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Emily Mack Jamison, better known as Emy Mack, grew an early fascination for the one element that’s part of every woman’s wardrobe: shoes.

“I have been wanting to do shoes since the day I was born,” smiled Jamison, owner of Emy Mack, a two-year-old deluxe shoe brand. “I exaggerate, but ever since I was really little, I had always been designing shoes, looking at shoes, playing with shoes, trying on shoes, so it really is like a life-long dream coming true (to own a shoe business).”

A meeting six years ago with Gil Fields, a veteran in the shoe industry, helped Jamison fulfill her goal of starting her own shoe collection. Now Jamison’s business partner, Fields connected the New Jersey native with elite manufacturers in Italy who produce the beautifully elegant and timeless styles of the Emy Mack collection. Around 2011, Jamison founded Emy Mack, a designer of luxury women’s ready-to-wear and custom shoes handmade in Italy by old world artisans.

Emily Mack Jamison.

Emily Mack Jamison.

Jamison’s line of classic heels, flats, wedges and boots have attracted women of all ages. “There is no stereotyping with shoes and age,” Jamison assured. “I have these platforms that, of course, my women in their 20s and 30s wear, but I also have late 60, early 70-year-olds (wearing them).

“I wanted to have a collection that had all different shapes and sizes, if you will, with the heel heights and the platforms and even the flats and the ballerinas that could appeal to all different tastes but still be classically designed.”

To increase awareness of her fairly young brand, Jamison has been touring the U.S. hosting trunk shows, including one at Rodes For Him and For Her on April 11. With Derby just around the corner, Jamison advised women shopping at Rodes on which pair of shoes best enhanced their sophisticated, spring-colored dresses to be worn the first Saturday in May. “It’s a long day (at the track), but I know a lot of women here like to start off with a high heel and then transition into a flat,” Jamison said. “But whatever makes you happy and makes you feel good on Derby day I think is what you should at least start off with.”

Though her styles carry a sophisticated simplicity, Jamison incorporates many current trends into her footwear. Making waves in the industry is “hot fix,” a type of rhinestone application that Jamison describes as, “very cool, very pretty, very sparkly.” The Emy Mack brand also provides the option of customizing certain shoes with fancy studded stones, bows and other applications in order to amplify and individualize each shopper’s unique look. Customers may choose from a number of handmade adornments or classic Emy Mack accessories to complement seasonal styles, materials and heel heights.

Regardless of which design you prefer, you won’t find yourself caught at an event wearing the same stunning slipper as another woman. “Even with our ready-to-wear, we still do it in limited edition, so it’s not like we’re making 100,000 pairs of one particular style,” Jamison said. “Emy Mack shoes (are) new and it’s different, and you won’t see yourself coming and going.”

Emy Mack shoes can be purchased through exclusive events held throughout the U.S., at pop-up showrooms in New York City and Pittsburgh, or at www.emymack.com. Call 917.386.4211, e-mail info@emymack.com, “LIKE” Emy Mack Shoes on Facebook or follow @EmyMackShoes on Twitter for more information. For information on Rodes For Him and For Her, 4938 Brownsboro Road, call 502.753.7633 or visit www.rodes.com.

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Photos by CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune